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Low-cost gym chain, Fitness4Less, offer great gym experiences at, of course, super-affordable membership fees. This project would offer the brand an opportunity to visualise a new identity aesthetic and the introduction of a members-only booking app that would aim to increase value for their members.

It can be suggested that with the low-cost service offering, everything else that identifies with the brand i.e. the logo, the website, written comms etc. will most likely run the risk of having the same 'cheap' perception. The issue with this is consumers will think just that - 'everything about this company is cheap so what they are offering may not be that good.'

In this current age where the health-conscious consumer-type is on the rise, price comes second whilst a top-quality experience is top of the list. Fitness4Less will need to transform its brand identity that eradicate the 'cheap' perception. The new brand direction will primarily tell the story of the great fitness experiences on offer and then use the 'low-price' element to demonstrate phenomenal value.

Create a modern brand identity that speaks to the quality-seeking consumer.
Design an enhanced mobile booking app that aims to play a role in members achieving their fitness goals.
Establish trust and credibility through great [consistent] gym experiences.

(Image: Fitness4Less assets before I redesigned them!)

The chain has built its current identity on offering 'fresh, fun and affordable gyms in the UK'. And It has proven to be a solid foundation - Fitness4Less have been in business for almost a decade.

The aim is to evolve and build upon the current successes. The visuals and tone of voice will ignite the fitness aspirations of its members by appealing to what matters to them the most - achieving their fitness goals.

A custom logotype will be created using a bold typeface which will be modified to form subtle sharp shapes. This will give the brand its own unique mark.

Lastly, to tie into the aspirational tone of voice, I have crafted a new tagline: "Expect more." It's a two-fold message that plays on the concept of Fitness4Less offering more value to its members beyond the price tag of a gym subscription. It is also designed to communicate a message of tough love telling members to expect better from themselves.

User interviews
User personas
User Flows
insights generated

Speaking with existing and new members alike, they all shared one attribute and that was an acute awareness of the level of value that came with their membership. They were not expecting anything more than what they had available to them. This was a positive piece of insight as it suggested that anything of additional value that would make their experiences better would be welcomed.

As far as the current user experience of the F4L booking platform is concerned, members can complete a booking easily without bother. Members expressed that their booking experiences would benefit from filtering features and booking alerts - features that will certainly feature within the new app.


Attracting New Members
Existing Fitness4Less members have a solid sense of what their membership entails and they are satisfied with the price. Price has been a clear driver for new memberships but up to now that has been the primary driver of the brand's communications.

Testing The New Creative
I conducted guerilla tests of the 'expect more' creative on random members of the public that fit the F4L demographic (male and female between the ages of 25 to 34). When asked to describe what they perceived of the brand the some of the responses were:

  • "...a gym where they help you achieve what you want..."
  • "...I feel they're trying to get me pumped before I even get there..."
  • " doesn't look like it would cost just £17.99 a month so I would definitely delve deeper - it looks like good value!"

The Booking App
I was intrigued to learn that a small group of existing members were ok with the current booking system as they were already 'used to the way everything works.' For those who tested out the prototype, 75% received the enhanced features positively.

The app also proved to be an attractive element to potential new members as they believed it would be essential to their experience.